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Pelican Technologies was founded in 2005 in Dayton, Ohio as a different kind of software development firm. We are known for our intuitive design, easy to use custom user interfaces and creative solutions to disparate systems integration. Initially focused on RFID sensors and what would later be known as “the cloud”, in the last 19 years we have written custom software applications for major multinational corporations, Fortune 100 companies and small businesses.

These projects have included front-end website development, customized graphing solutions for big-data analytics, system integration in the security industry, creating visually appealing and easy to use inventory control systems and streamlining rental and return processes using RFID. As a result, our clients have become more efficient and more profitable - by utilizing easy to understand branding, easy to use interfaces and embracing new processes that decrease the time required to perform core business functions.

Pelican is committed to supporting local Dayton, Ohio companies and doing its part as a member of the downtown Dayton community to promote the growth of other Dayton and Dayton Region companies. Our creative and collaborative team of artists and developers are all residents of the Dayton, Ohio region and we utilize the services of Dayton local vendors whenever possible.

Pelican has a wide variety of expertise and experience in broad ranging industries. No matter what your custom interface or software project may be, Pelican can provide you with the visually pleasing and easy to use solution that you need to move your business forward, increase system inter-connectedness, decrease process inefficiencies, and advance your technology holdings to the next level.


Sparrow Oversight

Sparrow Clean-Point

Sparrow is a Software-as-a-service that provides operational process oversight and management reports without the need for additional infrastructure or hardware costs.

Like the avian Sparrow moving from place to place and generally being difficult to follow, people in dynamic settings with dynamic activities are difficult to follow.

Throughout the workday, people move from place to place performing different activities often relating to multiple orders, items, clients, or projects. The time of arrival and the time spent at each location, on each task, on each order, on each client, on each project and on each affected item varies by person and by the task being performed.

Sparrow provides management with exportable up-to-the-minute reports about who is where, when they arrived and departed and which order, client, project, or item they were working with while they were there.

Clean-Point is an implementation of the Sparrow application.

Simply make a list of all the areas that need to be cleaned regularly and Sparrow will generate a Clean-Point marker for each area. Simpley print these markers and placing themin the areas that you identified. After an employee or contractor cleans the area, they scan the marker updating the database to indicate who was there, what they did and when it happened.

Sparrow then automatically updates a secure online report that can be management and or customer facing, giving you the knowledge that you are Sparrow Clean.

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The TurnStone Suite of applications is a scalable RFID system that provides users with the tools they need to solve inventory control and inventory process deficiencies. This is a unique framework of software applications and hardware elements that work together or individually as stand-alone elements to perform RFID tasks essential to process efficiency and process accuracy.

These tasks include reading a tag and associating it with the item it is attached to, writing BarCode and SKU information to tags (individually and in bulk), serialization, Geiger counter like Tag / Item finder, environmental surveys (reporting all the items seen in each space), In / Out tag and item management (monitoring when items move into or out of a given space) and full online item and tag management, reports, exports and system interconnectivity.

TurnStone utilizes handheld RFID readers and barcode readers, USB Connected RFID readers and BarCode readers and a set of applications that run in the background and in the foreground (user-facing) on Windows PC’s, Laptops or Tablets. These applications can stand-alone or push information to a connected secure private cloud database that users can access through a web-based interface.

From seed (or seedling) to sale, many of the products that we consume today derived from plants require (in whole or in part) some regulatory tracking. AgraCount allows growers to keep track of hybrids, yield, different strains or variations and the particulars related to each. Simply add an RFID band to the stock of the plant and enroll the seedling into the secure and private AgraCount online database. Add information about the plant that was just “tagged” and enrolled. As the plant matures, associate subordinate tags with the flowers, buds, resulting fruit or seeds. When the plant as a whole or the part to be collected is ready for harvesting, the lot is associated with a tag that is linked back to the individual plant tags and the associated plant tags. Scanning the plants on a regular basis with handheld RFID readers provides a detailed audit trail and history of the plant being grown.

Once the plant material is harvested and sent to stores or to be refined into manufactured pharmaceuticals or other products, the history associated with the plant tags and the production lot are transferred with the plant material and detailed (exportable) reports are available. Growers using AgraCount can rest assured that their inventories are accurate, and the information associated with each plant conforms to the highest of regulation requirements.

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Expertise And Services

Web Development

Whether you're in need of something simple and operational or require more complex database driven designs, we can provide a creative and personal method for your online success.

Cloud Solutions

Pelican provides custom solutions to connect your people with the information they need most.

Product Development

Looking to build new product? Pelican has helped companies do just that. With low development costs and short time-to-market, let us help you bring your vision to reality.

RFID Solutions

With extensive experience with a variety of RFID technologies (fixed, mobile, passive, or active readers), Pelican offers unique solutions to simplify inventory and counting processes, as well as other critical business needs.

Systems Integration

Pelican will bridge the gaps among the systems you already have, enabling them to act together rather than apart.

Process Consulting & Efficiency

Our expert consultants can provide a unique perspective on your operations and are focused on simplifying the heavier processes to formulate an effective strategy to further accelerate and streamline your business’ activities.

Custom Software

From mobile and desktop applications to hardware device drivers and databases...
Pelican's creativity, experience, and expertise will cost effectively provide you with the solution you need.

Mobile Solutions

Be it iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or otherwise...standing alone or a hybrid solutions, Pelican has the expertise to build your next mobile solution.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Pelican can provide your business with custom embedded systems that connect your product so that your company can use devices to control, monitor or assist the operation of equipment, machinery and or plant.


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