Cloud Solutions

Over the past ten years, Pelican Technologies has successfully developed software in the cloud solving our customers unique business needs and expanding our customer's global foot-print. In addition to the private cloud solutions engineered for our clients, Pelican has created five cloud based applications that introduce efficiency into common business processes.

These hybrid cloud systems bind mobile hardware and specialized devices with a secure cloud at a price point that pays for itself in a matter of months in process cost savings and new revenue opportunities.

Some of the cloud systems we have developed for our clients are:

  • Wide-Area-Network monitoring bound to an automated repair dispatch with data analytics.
  • Web-based Time and Attendance system integrating facility security with job-code reports.
  • Mobile tablet based data collection and cloud-based data processing.
  • Internal protected file-management and collaborative document sharing.
  • Secured business operations tracking and reporting for a financial services company.

In 2010, Pelican was tasked with a client project to upgrade a legacy online database and thin-client interface into a secure online database and clound interface. Ongoing acitivites after completion have bound mobile store-and-forward applications and video analytics to this core system and allowed "portal" access to our client's customers and thier customers internationally.

Early in 2012, Pelican introduced TurnStone – a cloud-based item level RFID counting tool that adds RFID functionality to existing Point-of-sale and Inventory Control systems. TurnStone Version 2.0 was released in early 2014 and has already had a measured benefit to its users – a 96% reduction in the time required to perform routine inventory counting and reconciliation.

In the middle of 2014, Pelican released Kestrel – a cloud-based mobile employee workforce assistant. This hybrid application combines NFC-equipped smartphones and tablets with an intuitive cloud interface to provide mobile workers with up-to-the-minute work-orders, task lists and order pick-lists and managers with oversight reports and routing direction. Better expectation management and better oversight of activity gains Kestrel customers a more proficient workforce.

In October of 2017, Pelican began development of Sparrow – combining a mobile app, optical markers and a secure cloud application to provide busineses with Asset Management, Chain of Custody Management, Workflow Process Oversight, Time Attendance and advanced data analytics for thier operational environments. Initially released in 2019, Sparrow continues to add functional areas, features and use cases never envisioned when it was first designed. The latest of these is fleet maintenance activity tracking and automated billing.

How Can Pelican Get You In Touch With The Cloud?